Being an empowering leader using coaching

mountain K2Imagine leading others into achieving things they never thought possible. Imagine leading people through their fear into complete confidence of who they are. Imagine empowering people to impact the world positively and change history. This is what a coach gets the joy of doing with many clients.

Do you lead in your organization, at home or do you have influence over people that come to you for help? Whatever your roles in life, being an empowering leader of yourself and others will be radically improved using coaching skills. You can learn how to relate to people with coaching skills in a way that will motivate and engage them fully into moving towards goals that matter to them.

Here’s some tips of how to become more empowering leader using some basic coaching techniques.

Tip number 1 – Identify the person’s agenda.  This gives your leadership of them very clear parameters and helps you to separate what your agenda is to theirs. Quite often we tell people what we think they should do. This is all very well, but what about what is in their heart, what they feel passionate about and what particular area they most want to progress at this time in their life.  It’s ten times easier to lead someone, somewhere they want to go. Start by actually spending time defining their agenda or the ‘topic’. Get it clearly into a sentence if you can. Get them to agree and repeat back to you what it is in their words.

Tip number 2 – Believe in them. As they begin to share their heart, try simply believing that the thing they are most passionate about pursuing is the very thing where they will have greatest impact on the world. Believe that this is where they will shine the brightest. Believe that this is where they were born to go.  Encourage them in expressing this.

Tip number 3 – Give them time and space to explore their biggest craziest dreams and ideas. One of the best most impactful things you can do is become a sounding board where they can broaden out and create more traction on their ideas.  Become a safe place where they can talk about it. Ask them open coaching type questions to allow them to explore all about their ideas. Questions like: – What would that look like? Describe how it would look 5 years down the road, 10 years or 20 years down the road?


These three tips will transform the impact you have on people around you. ‘Pull’ behaviours are four times more effective in influencing people than ‘push’ behaviours. ‘Pull’ behaviours include; listening, exploring, reflecting, creating vision, asking questions on their agenda. ‘Push’ behaviours include: suggestions, giving advice, feedback, giving rational arguments or stating your point of view. Neither method is right or wrong but if you want to have the biggest influence on people learn to use the pull strategies in your conversations.


You will see amazing transformation and change. People will start to move towards things they never thought possible, because you will be giving them permission to pursue their greatest dreams and ideas. They will begin to dare to believe their fear is not real and will gain confidence in who they are. They will impact the world in the best way they can, and you will have been an enabler and leader that helped to get them there. Their life becomes part of your legacy.


If you are interested in learning more about how to lead people and help them define their life purpose, using coaching techniques check out my next leadership training course