The Power of Hope Accessing All Areas

This last month it was highlighted to me that I had completely lost hope in a particular area of my life. I like many of you was totally unaware as so much else was going really well. The problem is that losing hope in one area means losing vision and without you realizing it affects every area. Since I have sorted out my dark area, I feel happier, more at peace, more motivated and have more energy and purpose in all other areas of my life too. So try out this strategy on your weak area (s) and experience what hope in all areas of your life can feel like. Continue reading

Tiredness and exhaustion’s effect on you reaching your potential

Recently I ran a two day retreat workshop in a beautiful setting in the English countryside and noticed on my way back to London how tired and exhausted I felt! Things look so different to the time when I was totally exhausted. It’s not that I was negative but I have to admit I couldn’t see as much of the positive that I see now just a few days later.

So, it led me to thinking, how many of us have skewwhiff perspectives on our lives right now just through sheer exhaustion? So what is the effect of exhaustion on our perspectives? What does that do to our thinking and decision making? How does it affect our positive attitude and our belief in what is possible? How does it affect the directions we end up going in? Is it perhaps one of the biggest modern day hindrances to us keeping in touch with our dreams, creating an ‘out of the normal’ life vision and truly allowing us to reach our fullest potential? Continue reading

De-cluttering and Embracing Change

All of us struggle with change at varying levels and we all have our own personal areas that are difficult. What are your difficult areas? De-cluttering? Changing job? Moving house? Why do we all struggle with change? What is it that makes us cling onto the familiar, even when logically we know it’s a good thing to change and move on? Is change really a good thing? What’s wrong with clutter anyway! Continue reading

Work, rest and play – how’s your life balance doing?

How many people actually take the time to look at their schedule and commitments to work out a healthy life balance? Doing this is a vital key to our physical and emotional health and to our longevity. Stress has become one of the biggest killers of our age, it contributes to so many health problems. Rest is a vital skill for anyone with a big vision and who wants to accomplish amazing things. Continue reading

A strategy to overcome feeling overwhelmed

Feeling Overwhelmed? Stressed out about all the things you have to do or want to do? Here’s a time management strategy to gain control. The strategy is to simply project plan your life. Typically, it becomes harder juggle things when you are starting something new. You may be starting an organization, inventing something new, getting back on the dating scene, or re-training to change careers. You can’t do something new without getting rid of some of the old. So you need to become a much better planner. Continue reading

Improving your success by finding wisdom

What would it look like to have great judgment of what is lasting, true and right in every plan or course of action you make? In the last few years I’ve been especially learning to respect and honour the wisdom of those older and more mature than me. When I started to learn that having wise counsel and input in your life is a very good idea, for some time I wondered why on earth I didn’t have this and what’s more couldn’t seem to get it! Continue reading