Life Coaching

In transition?   
Places where you keep getting stuck?
Unable to make a decision about which path to take?
Unclear about your career direction?
Struggling with being single and want to find a partner?
Do you know your work/life balance needs addressing?

Our life coaching provides a holistic approach to looking at your life, your work and your relationships. We will help you achieve the goals you want to achieve whilst helping you to clarify your unique life purpose which will help you live by your personal unique values in all areas of your life and work. What you discover through our coaching will not only get you through todays circumstances, but will set you up to live intentionally, with a life mission in mind.

We have tools, programs and accredited life coaching which you can benefit from individually or by attending a group based life coaching workshop (for group events see forthcoming events). Contact Us and we can explore what’s best for you right now.

Some of Smart Step’s Life Coaching Services

The What Do I Do Next? Life Coaching Program

A dynamic 12 session, personal development and activation program for leaders and professionals.  Discover your strengths and your individual leadership styles, your key motivational tools for success and how to set goals and stay on track. This program will focus on both your work and business aspirations integrating other aspects of your life and core values to create a plan.                   For more Information visit our What Do I Do Next website area

Strengths Finder

Take the test, discover you top strengths and be coached through the process. Learn how to play to your strengths and thrive. Learn how to sell yourself better at interviews, and how to lead powerfully from your strengths.


A leadership test to show you the paradigms you operate in and how you communicate with others. Take the test and de-brief with your coach to understand your working style and become a better communicator and leader.

Dream Starter

Learn how the desires and dreams you may have dismissed years ago or be struggling to remember, hold keys to your personal motivation, your inspiration, and your life purpose. Try our dream starter coaching to become a stronger visionary.                                                 Download our Dream Starter Kit to get going!

80/20 Life Assessment

An evaluation of your life, looking at how much of it is energizing you and bringing fulfillment, looking at how far your current life is towards the 80/20 rule of spending 80% of your time where its most effective.

Professional Development Program (PLP)

A 9 session program, devised to integrate the above four options into a cohesive program, also working with you to explore your life mission and devise a life purpose statement. You will learn what inspires you, how to keep on track, what career success looks like, and how to overcome potential obstacles.

For pricing and availability on these contact us

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Career Coaching  – direction, tips and help on interviews and CVs.

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