Life Dreams and Life Purpose

Lately I’ve been running a lot of workshops helping people to define their life purpose more clearly. I’ve noticed many people are finding the whole area of re-engaging with life dreams difficult.

Some people have not thought about the things close to their heart in many years and having these ideas and dreams coached out of them becomes …well I’d even say in some instances traumatic!

I’ve noticed when we get challenged in this area, it’s like we want it, (kind of), but also seem scared of letting these things surface again. A little like reaching for that big sugary delicious piece of cake, feelings of excitement, desire, longing a midst feelings of terror as to what it will do to our shape or cholesterol!


It’s quite funny seeing the various expressions on people’s faces as they realize they have to own up to what they really desire. Then I watch as people who have not dared to think about, leave alone write down or talk about, the various dreams of their heart, start to come alive and smile a lot.

How are you feeling right now reading this? Are you in touch with your life dreams? Do you know what you want to look back on and feel deeply satisfied and fulfilled about in 20 years?


Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.


So, I started to ask myself, why is this area so sensitive and so difficult for many people? Here are some of the barriers, sorry ‘reasons’, I get given as to why it’s not feasible to have or live out life dreams: –

Some of my hopes and dreams got cut short years ago and now it’s too late.

I don’t want to dream or hope for what I really want, in case I get disappointed.

Some dreams I have are so big it’s totally unrealistic for me to actually believe they can happen.

I’m more of a realist than a dreamer.


Be honest, do you see yourself in any of these statements? The second one was me through and through for years. So, rather than try and convince you as to why any of these beliefs are not true, I ask you to ponder these questions: – My instructions are to take one a day and meditate on it!

Questions to ask myself:

What advice would I give a 16 year old about living out their dreams?

What is the life I most want? One of pursuing my dreams and maybe getting disappointed or one that never tries at all?

What would it look like to live a life without regret?

If this was my last week to live, what would I regret most that I haven’t done?

How would I live this last week?

Who do I admire for living a life of positive impact on the world?

How do I imagine they approached achieving this, did they dream or were they more of a realist?

What would they say to me about my big life dreams?

How could my big life dreams link to my life purpose and the impact I am meant to have on the world?

If I’m not living out my own dreams whose am I living out?


Some questions to ponder for you. Why not try putting them on your phone and thinking about them as you travel? You only get one life to live and this one is not a rehearsal. Let me know how you get on and what comes up. I dared to start dreaming again later in my life, despite a myriad of disappointments and tragedies, I highly recommend it. It keeps you young and healthy!

To start your dream list of 100 life dreams check out our Dream Starter Kit and Dream List Template.