Pioneering something new in the market place

San Fran Bath Salt CompanyIt’s not easy pioneering something new!

Whatever you are releasing to the world out there it’s difficult even though it may be amazing, innovative or the answer to solving a problem that has never been solved. Here’s some tips to help with some common difficulties I find that some of my clients encounter.

Finding the right language

Often people I work with find it difficult to find the language to describe what they are offering. With something innovative and new, or maybe a new take on something old, finding and getting the language right is a really important first step. Once you have the words you can talk about it, promote it, and create a website and flyers. It suddenly becomes tangible and people can connect with it. The language brings clarity, life and reality to your new idea and concept. Here’s a way to get started. Spend some time putting the key concept into simple words. Create four to six sentences to explain it. Follow the rule that in your few sentences your mother would get the gist of it. A strange rule but it works wonders to get people to get out of their own technical or specialist language.

Once you have got a simple explanation, start writing out about six bullet points under these headings: – key features, key benefits and outcomes, key needs it addresses. This is relevant whether you are pioneering something new in a business or a charity or whatever sector. It doesn’t take long but it does help having someone to discuss it with. I’ve found that this can usually be done in just one or two coaching sessions with clients that I work with.


Once you have the language, you can begin to communicate it. Start telling people to try out what you have come up with! You can put what you have written into a one page flyer, which you can email. Start with emailing those closest to you, people you can trust to give you honest and constructive feedback. Send your work to this small close group of these people first.

Pricing and finding your first buyers

From your initial ‘test group’, check back with them asking them key questions. Did they understand what you communicated? What is their understanding of what it is? How would they find it helpful? What in their opinion does it compare with in the market place? How much value would they put on it? How much would they pay for it? Who do they see as wanting it most?  Hey presto, you probably now have a great idea on how to fine tune your language, what you can price the offering at and who is most likely to be the first types of people or organisations that will want it.

Effective marketing

Generally you will want to go after the early adopters and early majority, when you are pioneering something new. These are the people who tend to be the first to try things out. They are the people who are most adventurous within the sector you are working in. Don’t be discouraged by all the people who are not. Be assured that maybe only 10%-20% of the people you approach will be adventurous enough to try something new. You just have to find them!

You should be able to get an idea from your initial research with your test group which types of people or organisations will be most benefited from your offering. Once you have identified this group, tailor your message to more specifically fit their needs and their world. For example, make your benefits be specific to them. State their specific needs and how your offering addresses these. Getting as specific as possible is a good thing.


Think how you can find this group that you have identified? Where are they? How will you best get their attention? Will it be through email, special events, writing articles in what they read, offering small taster events or open days, travelling to meet them? A great way to get started is to offer what you do at a reduced price to those that are interested early on, in return for feedback and recommendation should they like it. You then have your stories and evidence to help you communicate how your offering helps and how amazing it is! People love hearing from people best.

For more help on how to bring your new idea or concept into a reality and make it a success contact me for information on one to one sessions.