Business Coaching

“Having helped companies set up in a new country, pioneer new products and technology into various market sectors, I understand the importance of planning, focus, tenacity, hard work and a whole lot of creative genius mixed in with a fearless adventuress spirit!

Tina Southgate, Owner, Smart Step Coaching

Tina Southgate, Owner, Smart Step Coaching

The complexities of business decisions and the day to day pressures on business owners and directors sometimes leaves little time and space to develop longer term vision, strategy for growth and legacy aspirations. I know I am a business owner!One of my business clients affectionately (atleast I hope it is!) calls me ‘Boss’. I’m not the boss of course, but I can coach out of you your most important business goals and the purpose of your organization. Whilst providing expertise in marketing and sales strategy to ensure your business will always be growing, I can also ensure you are aligned to your personal values. I can hold you accountable, encourage you and offer a

mirror view to give you an outside perspective on how you are doing and where you are in relation to your goals.

I love working with entrepreneurs and encouraging ‘the entrepreneurial’, out of even the most skeptical wanna be business owner. So why not give it a try?” Tina Southgate, Business Coach at Smart Step Coaching.

Ways Forward

The Executive Coaching/Business Coaching Introductory Session

This is ideal for exploring what your coaching or mentoring needs are. You are given a pre-session preparation form which you complete to give you the best value from the session. Although each session is tailored to individual needs, typically the session will include ‘discovery’ of your experience, your key strengths and your vision. The session will provide focus; it will activate your creative thinking and give you some key strategies on how to succeed. You can proceed with further sessions after this if you decide that would be helpful.                                                                                          

The Pre-Pay Pack

A course of 6 or more sessions, designed to offer ongoing coaching and mentoring support at an affordable price. The sessions are scheduled telephone/skype based appointments which can be ‘banked’ and ‘cashed in when needed or scheduled in advance up front. The sessions will be tailored to the individual needs of the business owner. Goals and targets for the course of sessions will be agreed during the first few sessions.

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We also offer a variety of coaching programs for your organisation and staff developmental needs.

Including: –

Strengths Finder – uncovering individual’s unique strengths and how to maximize their productivity and team role using these.

DISC – A leadership test to show you the paradigms you operate in and how you communicate with others. Understand your working style and become a better communicator and leader.

Visioning Workshops – These facilitate and help engage teams to what the bigger picture vision and goals are of current and future working practices. A great way to ensure everyone on the team takes ownership of future direction.

Together we will:-

  • Clarify vision, set strategic achievable goals and develop an effective plan to move you forward
  • Clarify your core values and purpose underpinning the vision.
  • Formulate clear language around your vision, enabling you to communicate it effectively
  • Define and improve organisational structure
  • Put in place a sustainable and engaging growth strategy
  • Clearly define the steps to progress and grow the vision
  • Creative new ideas to improve business revenue
  • Conquer the challenge of work/life balance
  • Put in place effective time management and personal goal setting
  • Learn how to keep business and personal objectives congruent
  • Learn how to remain motivated through the tough times
  • Fully engage and motivate your team

Benefits of ongoing coaching & mentoring:-

  • Growing sales and profit
  • Developing a clear medium to long term vision.
  • Ensuring effective realistic goals are put in place
  • Help with choosing the most effective strategies so as to get the best results with the least effort and cost
  • Creating winning sales and marketing plans and growth strategies

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