What Our Clients Say

“Tina at Smart Step has helped me to maintain a vision and belief in realising my God given capacity to grow. She helps to draw the focus back to “due North” when it wavers due to circumstances.” Jon, CEO, Bedfordshire, England

Jeremy Hassell Cropped“Mentoring by Tina has seen momentous changes in the way that I manage my life and Company.She has allowed me to review my priorities, delegate many responsibilities that free me to fulfil my true calling in life.This brings me personal fulfilment, and brings forward projects that will significantly benefit poorer communities around the World.” Jeremy , CEO, Surrey, England

“I wanted to thank you for leading a fantastic workshop last weekend here in Redding (“What do I do next?”). I found it incredibly helpful to go through this process. I now have a much clearer sense of where I am heading in this season and the next and what steps I can take now.” Matthew, BSSM Student, Redding California

“Tina is gifted at gently drawing dreams out of my heart and showing me that they are possible. She has believed in me and in my dreams even when I’ve found it difficult to believe. She has helped me to overcome fears and doubts in pursuit of my dreams. She is one of the most insightful people I know, and her feedback and encouragement are invaluable. I can truly say that I would not be where I am today in pursuit of my dreams if it wasn’t for Tina.” Matt, Healing Rooms Worship Pastor, Bethel Church, Redding California

“Every now and again I tell someone about you and how the sessions literally changed my life. Due to our work together, I gained the courage to leave the banking sector and follow my heart to the charity sector, where I have been working since then.” Carolyn, Programme Manager, London, England

“Thank you so much for being such a key person in helping me to move forward, challenging me in ways just right for me, sometimes scary but appropriately gentle and sensitive. You’ve always highlighted my successes and been incredibly encouraging and positive.”   Jane, Senior Psychologist, Bedfordshire, England

“When you told us at the beginning of the workshop that by the end we would know what to do next, I scoffed! I can’t believe it. I now know! I’ve been to conferences, read so many books and done so many other things for years but this worked!”, workshop attendee! 

Career and Job Search Coaching Feedback

“I never realised I was underselling so many of the skills I have. Career Coaching has really helped me define these more clearly and lead me towards so many more opportunities.”

“I never dreamed I could have a job that fitted me so well.”

“I knew where I wanted to go but coaching helped keep me on track and achieve far more than I would have done otherwise.”

“I couldn’t believe that actual questions we rehearsed came up at interview and I felt so confident answering them.”

“Your coaching got me the job I wanted.”

“The feedback from my employer illustrated that specific areas we worked on were where I scored best in my interview.”

“Worth every penny!”

“I’m living proof that it works. It gave me the confidence to sell after 15 years.”

“Being given a structure for selling really focussed my efforts in the right area and I believe resulted in my success.”

Life Coaching Feedback

“You helped me clarify my goal. You really understood what it means to me.”

“I really enjoyed exploring my values more.”

“I found accountability very useful. For me having coaching be accountable is important.”

“I found your questioning very helpful, as you left no stone unturned.”

“You helped me connect with some my truly great experiences and regain vital energy from them.”

“I’m really excited about doing this, it’s so empowering.”

“I never realised I had so much wisdom, the coaching has helped me to discover this.”

“I felt comfortable. I felt that you really cared and had a genuine interest.”

“You really got me to resonance.”

“I appreciated the space you gave me to feel it.”

“I always remember what you helped me visualise. I’m not a very visual person so it meant a lot to me.”

You really helped me visualise my house and feel it and get excited about making the first step to buy it.”

More Feedback from Workshop Attendees

Just wanted to say how much the life coaching course made a change in my life. After a really tough year i was feeling without hope. The course and talking with others about what is life to me has had a great impact. I got together with a friend who was on the course last Saturday and started actioning some of the goals we had set. One book started and one film outline done! Thank you for hosting this. 

I would attend another workshop, and definitely recommend it to friends it was really great!!! Thankyou. It was very clear and straightforward and deep. Great balance of group work and individual work. It was fab to see your coaching in action!

Fabulous experience. Looking forward to your book.

Life Transforming!

Thankyou – Brilliant. Would love more information on your life coaching.

Great workshop Tina, your story was especially moving

Fabulous session – powerful and transforming thank you!

Such an empowering time – thankyou. Would like to know about future workshops for others

Very releasing and helpful thankyou

Thank you so much – really useful and helpful and clarity

Useful perspectives and framework

Fantastic workshop –would love to know when you are doing it next to recommend it to friends!

Brilliant 2 days. Thanks

I feel I have tools to do life well. Thank you

I’ve visualised my options more and seen what the steps needed to figure out direction actually are.

I learned –putting it all together. I really feel I have more idea of what to do next!

My favourite was learning to recognise what my heart is saying and that I can trust it. My deepest revelation is that my heart is my internal radar!

I loved the worksheets. Its amazing and effective to see my hearts response on paper. Very comforting. 

This workshop has given me some fantastic tools at narrowing down all my options by taking into consideration my skills and obstacles holding me back. I will definitely use the tools in the future when I am indecisive. 

I loved all the encounter times and I loved writing a letter from myself one year from now. At the end to see how everything we did was strategic and lead up to helping me make a decision was so amazing and surprisingly easy. 

I loved all the tools given to help identify directions and paths. 

Key learnings were my giftings, dreams and goal setting. 

I discovered that things I’ve been dreaming about fit into different timelines. I discovered which season I am in and the next one! 

My deepest revelation has been that I have an amazing amount of opportunities

My favourite bit was the life plan worksheet.

I have gained clarity!

I learnt confirmation of a methodology to find what’s next.

I can now set goals.

I now have a timeline, and next decisions made!

I felt safe and able to be vulnerable more than ever.

The encounters paired with the practical written work really made for a dynamic work

I learnt that my dreams are important and that my dreams are easier to accomplish than I think.

I now know the direction I want to go.

I have learned how to make decisions.

I now know that there is freedom.

My deepest revelation was on the first night when you led us into an encounter which was really good for me. It feels like I re-discovered my destiny and I could feel the passion rising up inside me again.

I learned how to as well as the importance of dreaming and overcome paralysis due to indecision.

For me the deepest revelation was when Tina spoke from her heart on making decisions and that was most impactful for me.

I’ve learned how words have threads and commonalities.

I learned how to create a timeline and put things into perspective. 

This workshop was very comprehensive I got a lot out of it and would recommend it to friends!

The key thing I learnt was I have lots of options and go for it!

I was wondering what to do and this helped me!

Thank you so much. Inspirational. God bless you.

I was very encouraging. Good to have time to reflect on life. I left each session feeling excited about the future. Thank you!

The key things I learnt today was how to set goals, realizing and understanding timing and seasons and learning how to apply it in my life

My favourites parts – all of it!

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