Non Profits

We offer services for charities, churches, ministries or other non-profit organizations. Smart Step specializes in helping with both the practical more business orientated needs of your organization and the more spiritual, values based needs.

We recognize that both aspects are important to your organization which is dedicated to a cause that is about impacting the world for the better. We are committed to helping you thrive, so that your organization has the biggest possible impact.

TinaNonProfitS“Having had experience working in business for many years in strategic marketing and then having the opportunity to come alongside some tremendously gifted people who are setting up and running ministries and charity based projects, I have had the privilege of bringing some very key effective strategies from business to their cause. It’s very fulfilling to see how business strategies convert into these environments to help them tremendously in planning, operating more efficiently, staying completely connected to their core values whilst being able to touch more people’s lives and having such an amazing impact on the world. Being able to work alongside and encourage such faith filled people, with passionate hearts to change the world is one of my favourite things to do!,” Tina Southgate, Business Coach, Smart Step Coaching.

Smart Step’s Services for Non-Profits will enable you to:-

  • Be clear about your direction and mission as an organization
  • Learn how to lead practically on a day to day basis in line with your core values
  • Create growth strategies that do not compromise but compliment all that you seek to achieve
  • Create organizational plans which enable you to be business minded, whilst connecting these with the heart of what your organization stands for
  • Bring together your purpose, core values and spiritual beliefs
  • Establish short-term, mid-term and legacy planning

The ‘practical’ and ‘spiritual’ threads through everything we do. Here is an idea of the types of areas we can work with you on:- –

  • Definition or re-definition of vision and purpose
  • Mentoring for growth planning – marketing, sales, fundraising
  • Creating efficient systems and procedures
  • Leadership skills (for more info see Leadership)
  • Team building, team development & motivation
  • Strategic and ongoing people development
  • Life/career coaching for employees
  • Time management & work/life balance

Also see Smart Step’s Faith Based Programs