Picture this, a ‘successful’ marketing manager helping several companies to launch products into niche business sectors. Each of the companies doubling their turnover. Sounds like a ‘successful career’ doesn’t it?

That marketing manager was me! There were aspects of that role that suited my strengths and personality, but deep down I felt unfulfilled, I had a sense that ‘this’ wasn’t it, that somehow /i  was meant for more.


Tina Southgate, Founder Smart Step Coaching

Looking at my skills over the years as a leader, successfully creating and developing cohesive teams, mentoring and coaching people that worked for me, my new path became clear.

That was 2006 when I created Smart Step Coaching. Today, I look back at all the people that I have had the honour of guiding, encouraging and championing to start their own journeys. Journeys packed with purpose, passion and the fulfillment in being who they truly were meant to be. Sometimes the journey is starting their own business, many times it has been completely re-directing careers, other times it’s been helping organisations to capture a bigger vision and grow.

I didn’t settle and neither do you have to. I can tell you with confidence that whatever you do in life, when you are truly walking in who you were created to be, you will want to leap out of bed in the morning, and pinch yourself that you even get paid for what you do!

What We Do

Growth and change itself has the potential to be one of the most fulfilling parts of life, work and business. Yet, it’s not always the easiest! At Smart Step we commit to coming alongside you and your organisation helping you to fulfill your fullest potential, whilst satisfying your heart’s desire to stay in tune with your unique purpose, your values and beliefs.

Our aim is to act as a catalyst for positive change, creating change that is both substantial and sustainable.

We offer group based workshops or ‘playshops’ as we affectionately call them and private one to one coaching and mentoring. As well as scheduled events, which are open to anyone to attend, we provide tailored life coaching workshops to address specific organisational needs.

We help people to be more ‘purpose driven’ and less ‘busy’, so that their time is always being used towards their ultimate purpose and vision.

Smart Step sometimes partners with other organisations to add value to the services and training we already offer. So if you see part of what you want here on our website but would like something you do not see, simply ask.

A Note About Our Life Coaches

Our coaches have received training from the industry’s highest level training schools aligned to recognised accreditation bodies such as the globally renowned International Coach Federation. Our policy is for continual personal development and growth, so our life coaches receive continual training each year to enhance their skills and broaden their range, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level service.