What Do I Do Next? Life Coaching Program


Thousands of people have already gone through this program which was created in 2012 by Tina Southgate, Life and Business Coach.

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Fast paced 2 day workshop for groups from 30 to 500.

Smaller group workshops also available upon request

Leadership Training – To run a What Do I Do Next? program and coach people into their destiny.

The What Do I Do Next? program is also available through one to one coaching via skype/internet.

Contact Us to book Tina Southgate to run a What Do I Do Next? program for your organisation.

More about the program…….

This program enables you to take the next steps towards fulfilling your life purpose. Its fast paced and fun and you will literally be propelled into a future packed full of purpose and passion.

What could a purposeful plan for life and work look like?

What gifts and talents are my primary gifts to help me flourish and live out my full capacity?

What season am I in now relating to my work, career and personal life and how can I fully align to this seasons priorities in line with my future vision?

What preparation has my life taken me through that points to my future and can be capitalised on?

How do I recognise and overcome the obstacles which are holding me back?

How do I know when I am ready to transition and follow a bigger vision and when I am not?

How do I live with and sustain passion, inspiration and motivation in my life?

This workshop provides you with a chance to be taken through a life changing personal development and activation program. It’s suitable for any stage of your journey at any age. It will help you to understand and capitalise on important events that have happened in your life to take you into a more fulfilling and purposeful future. Over a 2 day workshop, or 8 sessions in either a small group or 1 to 1 as an individual with a trained coach, you will be taken through various leadership coaching exercises which will draw together different threads of your career and personal life to create a clear picture of a future more aligned to the authentic you.

You will discover how to live with inspiration and motivation, being confident in whom you are and discovering how to make the best decisions which fit with you living out your unique purpose.

You will learn how your hearts desires hold clues to living a more purposeful life. You will learn how to connect and align yourself with the season you are in now. You will analyse your current skills and where you need to develop. You will uncover where your obstacles and fear resides and develop sustainable strategies to overcome these.

Finally you will learn what the best next steps are. You will devise a clear life plan for the following 12 months, learning a keen awareness of your motivational and inspirational keys to success.

 Feedback from previous people who have attended this programme: –

 “I’ve been to many training and life coaching events. I was not bored for one minute! I have gained so much! Its such a fresh and different approach”

“When you told us at the beginning of the workshop that by the end we would know what to do next, I scoffed! I can’t believe it. I now know! I’ve been to conferences, read so many books and done so many other things for years but this worked!”

I feel empowered and I feel hope

I feel I have tools to do life well. Thank you

I loved the life plan manual. Its amazing and effective to see my hearts response on paper. Very comforting.

I learned how to listen to the depths of my heart, as well as practical steps like goal setting.

I felt safe and able to be vulnerable more than ever.

I now know that there is freedom.

I loved all the tools given to help identify directions and paths!.

My favourite bits were the encounter / visualisation times enquiring as to my future.

I discovered that things I’ve been dreaming about fit into different timelines. I discovered which season I am in and the next one!

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